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Aussie Genetics

Aussie Health


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Available Aussies

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Gals – our female Aussies

Chyne - Mikatura's U R MI Sunchyne OTDsc ATDd - CKC-HS, red merle, a first generation "home grown" girl!
Emma Jean - WhoGonnaWearDaPants @ Mikatura DNA-VP , red merle, a second generation "home grown" girl!

Ghilli - Mikatura's Celtic Expression, blue merle, a third generation "home grown" girl!

Ginny - Mikatura's Cotton Ginny, blue merle, a second generation "home grown" girl!
Sadi - Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs, red merle, a first generation "home grown" girl!
SallyRose - TuckerCreek Ballad'O'SallyRose DNA-VP STDc OTDsd - CKC HS, red tri
Sooner - Mikatura's Someday Soon, red tri


Other "gals" who've shared our lives...
Baker - Baker's Dozen @ Mikatura DNA-VP - red merle, a third generation "home grown" girl, now gone to a new home!
  Dani - Las Rocosa Moonshadow Dancer, red tri (now over the Rainbow Bridge)
  Molly - LasRocosa GudGolyMissMolly, black tri (now over the Rainbow Bridge)

Genetics - links to information about genetic disorders found in the breed

Genetics - AskTell - 10 steps to a healthier Australian Shepherd breed

Great Pyrenees ~ Livestock Guardian Dogs

Guys – our male Aussies

Banjo - SouthRam Dualin Banjo DNA-VP STDcsd (ASCA Award of Merit winner)
Tuffy - Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP, red tri
Huck/MoJo - 3C's Got My MoJo Workin, black bi
Deaglán - Mikatura's Ballad'O The Celts, red merle

Hank - CCK's Hank The Cow Dog, blue merle

Other "boys" who've shared our lives...
  Ceilidh - LasRocosa's Lord Of The Dance STDscd (now over the Rainbow Bridge)
  Dually - Ruff Stock Power Stroke DNA-VP STDscd (now over the Rainbow Bridge)
  Griff - Pincie Creek Cowboyography
Jim - CCK's Snooseville Jim, red bi
  Máel Dúin - Mikatura's Máel Dúin A Hooley (now over the Rainbow Bridge)
  Pan - Nuthin2Gud4ACowboy at Mikatura
  Tucker - Mikatura's Tucker'd Em'Out

Health Warnings (for all canines)

Herding - herding trainers & facilities & a list of ASCA, CKC & AHBA  herding judges

Heartworm – great information about heartworm

History of Mikatura - about us and our life with  Aussies



Links to other great info on the web


Photo Gallery - photos of the gang both "down home" on the farm and out and about

Plants that are Poison to your dog

Puppies - links to our litter pages

(Please click on underlined litter link to 'jump' to the individual litter page, or the individual pup's name to jump to their page)


Ginny & Huck: 9 October 2013

  • Mikatura’s Abby

  • Mikatura’s Jaida

  • Mikatura’s Gem - "Gemma"

  • Mikatura’s Mia

  • Mikatura’s Duke of Earl - "Duke"

  • Mikatura’s Shelby

EmmaJean & Banjo: 27 September 2013
  • Mikatura’s Rein

  • Mikatura’s Finn

  • Mikatura’s Echo


Sadi & Deaglán: 24 October 2012

  • Mikatura’s Sadie

  • Mikatura’s Archie

  • Mikatura’s Bandit

  • Mikatura’s Sorceress of Bones - "Adie"

  • Mikatura's Gunnar

  • Mikatura's Skie

EmmaJean & Huck: 22 October 2012
  • Mikatura’s Bailey

  • Mikatura’s Chase'n Rainbows - "Chase"

  • Mikatura’s Peanut Butter Cup - "Reese"

  • Mikatura’s Master Gunnar - "Gunnar"

  • Mikatura’s Royal Phenix - "Phenix"

  • Mikatura’s Charlie

  • Mikatura's Rango

  • Mikatura's Pongo


EmmaJean x Deaglán: 11 December 2011

  • Mikatura’s Lonesome Dove - "Gus"

  • Mikatura’s Layla

  • Mikatura’s Charmin' Charlie - "Charlie"

  • Mikatura’s Laramie Lass - "Amie"

  • Mikatura’s Dancin'MyHeartAway - "Casey"

  • Mikatura’s Cali

  • Mikatura's Lil'Bit - "Kaya/Lily"


EmmaJean x Huck:  7 January 2011

  • Mikatura’s Badger

  • Mikatura’s Ellie Mae

  • Mikatura’s Cricket - “Cricket”


Sadi x Huck: 29 December 2010

  • Mikatura’s R7B Hinto Oliver - “Ollie”

  • Mikatura’s Thor

  • Mikatura’s Morning Fresh - “Angus”

  • Mikatura’s Mochachino - “Mocha”

  • Mikatura’s Jazzmatazz “Jazz”

  • Mikatura’s Jarrah

  • Mikatura’s Jax


SallyRose x Banjo – 17 August 2010

  • Mikatura's Bitterroot Buckaroo - "Thane/Roo"

  • Mikatura Kali Mist - “Kali”

  • Mikatura's Arizona Oggie - "Oggie"

  • Mikatura’s Marble Rose - “Bippy”

  • Mikatura’s Abel - “Abel”

  • Mikatura's Wenatchee Cowboy - “Cowboy”

  • Mikatura's Ballad'O The Celts - “Deaglán”

  • Mikatura’s Someday Soon - “Sooner”


EmmaJean & Snooseville Jim:  17 July 2010

  • Mikatura’s Lady Sady  “Sady”

  • Mikatura’s Rudy  “Rudy”

  • Mikatura’s Saving Grace “Gracie”

  • Tuff's Chili Pepper @ Mikatura  “Chili”

  • Mikatura's Little Cattle Thief  “Hermes”

  • Mikatura’s McClintock “Audie”

  • Mikatura’s Wildwood Flower 

  • Mikatura's Hot Roddin' Harley  “Harley”


Sadi x Hank:  26 July 2009

  • Mikatura’s Midnight Copper - “Ashley”

  • HS #2

  • Mikatura’s Buddy

  • Mikatura’s Blue Marbles - “Hank”

  • Mikatura's Rusty Freckles - “Smudge”

  • Mikatura’s Sergeant At Arms - “Sarge”

  • Mikatura’s Tucker’d Em’Out - “Tucker”

  • Mikatura’s Lemme At’Em - “Lemme”




EmmaJean x Snooseville Jim: 25 July 2009

  • Mikatura’s Burrinjuck Drover - "Banjo"

  • Mikatura’s Tanquery - “Tanq”

  • Mikatura’s I Luv Lucy - “Lucy”

  • Mikatura's You Had Me At Hello - “Toby”

  • Mikatura’s Kona Winds - “Kona”

  • Wind of Mikatura - “Camira”

  • Mikatura’s Chantilly Lace - “Tilly”

  • Mikatura’s Griff - “Griff”


Ginny x Tuffy: 3 January 2009

  • Mikatura’s Sugar Plum Fairy “Sugar”

  • Mikatura’s Celtic Expression “Ghilli”


SallyRose x Hank:  1 April 2008
Chyne x Tuffy: 1 April 2008

EmmaJean x Tuffy: 19 March 2008

  • Mikatura's Wizard of Oz "Ozzy"

  • "Sheila"

  • "Tori"

  • Mikatura's Finnegan Fitzgerald "Finnegan"

  • Mikatura’s A Dog Named Jake "Jake"

  • Mikatura’s Red Ryder "Ryder"

  • Emmas IndianaJones of Mikatura "Indy"


Sadi x Griff:  16 March 2008

  • Mikatura's Belle of the North "Belle"

  • Mikatura's Copper Cowgirl "Copper"

  • Mikatura’s 3StepSaddleNCowboy "Tri"

  • Mikatura's Dexter Morgan "Dexter"

  • "Mollie"

  • "Dash"

  • Mikatura’s Lady Lucille "Lucy"

  • Mikatura's Red Dawg "Jim"


EmmaJean x Tuffy: 15 August 2007


Sadi x Máel Dúin:  5 April 2007


Chyne x Tuffy: 2006


SallyRose x Dually: 2006


Sadi x Tuffy:  2006


SallyRose x Dually: 2004


SallyRose x Ceilidh:  2003


Molly x Ceilidh: 2002



Questionnaire for prospective puppy buyers

Questionnaire (printable version)

Questions you should ask a breeder

Rainbow Bridge - a tribute to our wonderful Aussie Angels

Dually - Ruff Stock Power Stroke STDsdc DNA-VP
Joey – Tide Creek’s Joey
SpurLasRocosa Rust'N'Spurs at Mikatura


Reunion 2002 – our family reunion

Rodeo - Foss' favorite sport

Tales – these dogs never cease to make me laugh…stories of some of the antics

The funny farm...that'd be us!

Titles you can earn with your dog



Witticisms - dog related funnies


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