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Aussie Genetics

Below is a list of genetic disorders that have been found in some Australian Shepherds. This list was compiled by C.A. Sharp helix@qnis.net C.A. is one of the wonderful people doing research and is on the leading edge of Aussie genetics.

   ~ Collie Eye Anomolies
   ~ Cataracts
   ~ Iris Coloboma
   ~ Distichiasis
   ~ Persistent Pupillary Membranes
   ~ Merle Occular Dysgenesis
   ~ Progressive Retinal Atrophy

   ~ Hip dysplasia
   ~ Osteochondritis Desicans

   ~ Von Willebrand's Disease
   ~ Hemophilia A & B

   ~ Overshot and Undershot Bites
   ~ Wry mouth
   ~ Missing Premolars and sometimes
   ~ Dropped Center Incisors

Heart Defects:
   ~ Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Liver Defect:
   ~ Porto Systemic Shunt

Nervous system:
   ~ Idiopathic Epilepsy

Click here to read Epilepsy: One Dog's Story  and What Breeders Don't Like To Talk About, published in the USASA Journal. Lots of links to Epilepsy websites.

Endocrine System:
   ~ Hypothyroidism
   ~ Lupus
   ~ Generalized Demodex

   ~ Cryptorchidism


For a detailed explanation of the above, please feel free to use this link to Western Hills Australian Shepherds Genetics page. Heidi Mobley, Western Hills owner, has spent many months doing research on the diseases and has written excellent descriptions of the diseases which she has allowed us to share. Please use your browsers "back" button to return here!

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Also visit our Aussie Health page for many links to health related websites!

For even more information about Aussies and genetic problems found in the breed visit  the ASHGI website by clicking on the logo at the left.  http://www.ashgi.org/
And click here to read the 10 steps to a healthier Australian Shepherd breed that some Aussie breeders are now following in order to help stamp out genetic problems in our breed!

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