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More information and photos of Muffy & Rebel are further down this page, but first some general "Gentle Giant" information!


 June 2009, we are no longer raising Great Pyrs.  Life is just too hectic and we don't have the time to properly raise and train the pups.  If you're looking for a Pyr pup we recommend you check out the following websites:

Great Pyrenees Club of America ~ http://clubs.akc.org/gpca

Canada's Guide To Dogs (Great Pyr section) ~ http://www.canadasguidetodogs.com/greatpyrenees.htm


Great Pyrenees dogs were bred to guard the flocks, in all types of weather, on the steep mountain terrain of the Pyrenees Mountains of southwestern Europe.  In the UK and Europe they are known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  The breed have been in existence for thousands of years, originating from the mountain flocks of Asia Minor and developing a special relationship with their mountain shepherd owners, their family and flocks.  Although a very large dog, they are very sound and well coordinated for the strenuous work they undertake, guarding “their” property.  Our Pyrs have a confident, gentle and very affectionate nature and are patient and tolerant of both people and of our working dogs.  They are strong willed and independent and a little reserved with strangers but quickly overcome the reserve when they realize that the stranger is welcome on our farm.  They are very attentive and loyal with our livestock, even lying with a newborn lamb and the ewe to protect them till we get there…in fact they often “tell” us that there’s new lambs in the shelter when we’re doing our rounds to check the ewes!

Pyrs were brought to Canada in 1662, when the Basque fishermen brought them to Newfoundland as companions and guardians of the new Settlement.  Over the years Pyrs have been mated with the black curly coated retriever, resulting in the formation of the Landseer (black and white) Newfoundland.  In 1870, Pyrenean blood was used with that of other large breeds to help bring back the St. Bernard after those noble dog's numbers had been so greatly depleted by avalanches and distemper at the hospice in Switzerland.

The Great Pyrenees is a natural guard, working to keep his territory free from predators of any kind.  When working away from home there may be times when the shepherd does not see the dog for long periods of time but he knows that the job is being done because the stock losses decrease significantly; the shepherd may never see a predator, and the flock will never be disturbed.  A good working dog is equally effective on wild and feral dogs, coyotes & wolves.  The Great Pyrenees is nocturnal and often we’ll hear our dogs bark as they go about their nightly prowls.  They have no tolerance for other dogs except the herding dogs that we work with and they can be trusted with small, young and helpless animals of any kind.  As a young pup they do need some supervision as it usually takes 18 months to become a livestock guardian dog.  Our Pyrs are  "Ranch Dogs"…they live on our farm and have free run of farmyard and house yard and take care of the place, the family, and the stock that is pastured close to the house.  Our pups are farm raised pups and are born and raised with our sheep.

Health wise Great Pyrs have a low metabolism.  Please always caution your veterinarian about weighing your Pyr before giving any anesthetic to the dog, and only give "to effect".

Pyrs have a white or mostly white coat that may contain markings of gray, badger or varying shades of tan.  They are a very intelligent and kindly dog with a regal expression and beautiful movement.  They range in size from 27 - 32 inches for dogs and from 25 - 29 inches for bitches.  A 27 inch dog weighs approximately 100 pounds and a 25 inch bitch weighs approximately 85 pounds.  Pyrs are slightly longer than they are tall and have a beautiful, thick, weather resistant double coat that protects them from the weather and from the brush they will roam through in their daily rounds.  They are one of the easiest of all breeds to maintain properly because the coat they have been endowed with is self-cleaning, tangle and mat resistant.  That coat really does shed dirt and really does clean itself through their coat is deceptive because the texture of the outer hair is coarse while the underneath coat is soft and wooly.  Once-a-week grooming will suffice in most cases to keep the dog looking in top form and too frequent brushing may break off hair ends so it is not recommended.  Never clip a Great Pyrenees, they need their coat for protection from the sun, heat and rain as well as the cold in winter. The Pyrenean coat is coarse and hence a brush should remove the dirt and any loose under-coat can be removed easily with a wide-toothed comb or "rake".

Clip toenails and dewclaws regularly. This insures that they do not grow so long as to curl under and into the flesh. Never let anyone tell you the dewclaws should be removed or left untrimmed…they are a part of the breed, one of its several identifying characteristics and thought to have a "snow-shoe" effect but they do grow and do need trimming!  Both Muffy and Reb have double dew-claws, another breed anomaly!

We think our Pyrs are beautiful “gentle giants” and very effective Livestock Guardian Dogs, physically and mentally capable of guarding their flock from predators.  Since we’ve owned Muffy we’ve not lost a single sheep or lamb to the numerous coyote packs who live around us. 

The Great Pyrenees Club of America states:  ”First and foremost, the Great Pyrenees is a guardian, trusted to work independently with a flock or at home, distinguishing between those situations calling for action and those offering no threat.  When necessary, he will unhesitatingly risk his own life to protect his charges”.



Muffy passed away at the grand old age (for a Pyr) of eleven years old after brightening our lives for many years and being the Grande Dame of the farm.  She was an awesome guardian for our flock of sheep and the horses, & did regular patrols through the cattle in the spring & summer when they're out in the pasture.

Muffy had a pre-Christmas "gift" on December 15, 2006...a beautiful baby girl! Holly grew like a weed and was just the cutest young baby!

So I waded off through the snow with Foss and Reb in tow to see the new baby...imagine our surprise when Muffy's "bigga boy" turned out to be a girl (I really need to make Foss get new glasses)! :-)

At 15 days age the little sweetie has her eyes open, and got to meet Dad nose to nose!  Then she let me know with a fearsome growl that she wanted back to Mamma Muffy!



At just a couple of days of age, when we still thought she was a he! :-)

Our beautiful Muffy, head guardian of all at Mikatura



Rebel came home with us in the fall of 2005 as a five month old pup.  We thank Bob & Judy Blount for this wonderful boy who has turned into a great guardian, just like Muffy!

On September 9, 2006 Reb had his first "really little" visitors that he could actually play with...some very dog saavy children.

Reb 30th December 2006...being a good boy and smiling for the camera!!!


Obviously Reb loved it, he even took a nap in Kiera's lap (Kiera was a year old the next week!)

Winter 2005/2006, Reb loves snow!!!


Playing follow the leader with Chyne!

Reb was pretty sad when we lost Muffy so we found him a home where he has his own "family" to care for and spend more time with him.

...and earlier in his life...

Baby Reb in Kentucky with his buddy Sam...thanks Sam for doing such a great job "babysitting"!
Reb, 11 weeks old and still in Kentucky!

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