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Mikatura's Home Grown Shining Stars!

We're so proud to have ALL of our pups, now in homes with awesome families...
below are just a few who have had the chance to strut their stuff and bring home some titles...


ATCH Mikatura's Annie GitYerGun STDd
Agility: CKC - AGI, AGIJ, AGX


Annie is a SallyRose x Ceilidh:  2003 puppy


Annie and her best buddy Mike, are involved in herding and are burning up the agility rings!


April 2011 - Annie has earned her Gold award of merit  in AAC agility


June 2009 - Annie and Mike now have earned a VSA (versatility silver award) in AAC agility


September 2008 - ATCH & Bronze Award of Merit in AAC agility...what an awesome pair they are!!!!


Photos compliments of Carly Smith


Click here to visit Annie's own webpage


Mikatura BillieDawn' RyderLk STDcs OTDd, HI HDS SDI CGN


September 2011 - Billie has qualified for the Canadian All Breed Herding Trial Championship, a showcase of the best herding dogs in the world!
She'll be competing in Langley, BC in October 2011!


Billie qualified in the top twenty in the world Open Merit for 2009/2010 season!

#16 Open Trial Dog Ducks & #16 Open Trial Dog - Sheep!

Congratulations to the Dynamic Duo!!!


May 2009...Billie received the "Pepsi" award for best stockmanship at the CKC trial - a prize is awarded each day, we won the first day.
It is awarded by a committee made up of the the Judge (Steve Waltenburg) and the Stockhandlers! 


As well as her "official" titles, Billie and Nancy have won many "overall" titles including many High Combined, Most Promising Started, etc.


Billie is a Sadi (Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs STDs) x Tuffy (Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP) 2006 puppy!


Click here to visit Billie's own page!

 Mikatura's Saddles'N'Spurs STDcsd, RD


Spur is a Sadi x Tuffy pup, 2006 edition!


September 8, 2010 - I just can't wait to tell you.......our little red Spur is now a WTCH!!!! She got 2 HIT cattle out of the 5 Black Sheep trials over Labour Day in Spokane.....beating out some top notch dogs on those runs. Wayne Kirby wanted to take her home, but he did call a run when he saw some wool stuck to her mouth. Wonder how that got there? She got her WTCH in the first 4 trials, and this was the first time she has been trialed in a year. Talk about stress...for me. On Monday everything went to hell, but we didn't care...she already got her job done.

Sue & WTCH Mikatura's Saddles'N'Spurs RD RTDs


Congratulations to Spur & her wonderful owner/handler Sue!!!


Spur Q'd again in the ASCA 2010-2011 Merit Awards!
 #3 Advanced Trial Dog - Cattle &
#5 Advanced Trial Dog - Ducks

October 2009 - Our 1st ASCA Nationals!  I didn't get in on pre-trials, so I had no idea what Spur would do after being penned up for over a week. Well, first off the little red devil got her first 'thanks' on sheep and ducks. Even after a not-so-good take pen, she came through with the rest of her run on cattle. Although I had to put the screws to her she made all obstacles, four cows through the center, and came in second with a respectable 102 from Wally Butler.   Add to that some great runs which resulted in Spur being #4 Open Sheep and #7 Open Ducks!


Spur had a great year!!!  ASCA Awards of Merit on ducks and sheep!!!

September 2009 - This last year we tested open trials with FEO.  Then I decided to trial at the Rustler's Roundup north of Spokane over Labor Day.  She got all her open titles in the first two trials.  Out of the 15 runs all scores were over 100 except two.    Her personal best was a 120 on cattle from Judge Roy Sage.  It was a text book run.  Her high score on sheep was a 115, and a 113 on ducks.  She won her first belt buckle, and some other beautiful prizes.


 WTCH Mikatura's Raine Maker



High In Trial - 2006

Raine is a SallyRose x Dually: 2004 puppy


Raine has so many wonderful updates that I worry I'll forget to put them all here...so please visit Raine's page for all her wonderful up-to-date news!!!


For 2009/2010 in ASCA, Raine finished #7 in the ASCA Merit Awards for Post Advanced Trial Dog - Cattle and #7 for Post Advanced Trial Dog - Sheep!


March 2010 - Raine completed her AHBA HTCH...we are so proud of Raine and Laurie who has trained and helped her become Mikatura's first HTCH WTCH!
HUGE congratulations to Raine and her fantastic owner Laurie!


 You ROCK ladies!!!

Raine and her talented owner Laurie do so many things, and do them so well! 

Herding & agility are their current venues.




Raine has many first place finishes to her credit...thanks to Laurie's wonderful training & handling skills!



Click here to visit Raine's own webpage



 Mikatura's Jokers Wyld


Keegan is a Chyne x Tuffy pup

Keegan lives in Squamish, British Columbia with his lovely and talented owner/trainer/handler Katherine.
They've just completed his CGN together!

 Congratulations to Keegan & Katherine!!!


 Mikatura's Copper Cowgirl


Copper is a "Sadi" (Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs) x "Griff" Pincie Creek Cowboyography pup

Copper & Maureen are competing in CARO Rally-O and on June 25, 2009 Copper finished her CARO Novice title!  Maureen said "We finished with a first in class and a score of 190.  Her average score is 188 which means she can add CL (cum laude) after her RN title."

 Way to go Copper & Maureen!


Click here to visit Copper's webpage!



Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs





At the Working Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta Summer stockdog trials, Sadi earned her ASCA started sheep title!

Sadi is a TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose DNA-VP ATDd OTDs STDc, CKC HS x Las Rocosa Lord of The Dance STDsdc pup.


Mikatura's WildWest Dusty Rose DNA-VP STDs


At the Working Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta Summer stockdog trials, Dusty earned her ASCA started sheep title!
She had a first and a second place win in the trials.  Dusty is a
Mikatura's Saddle Ridge DNA-CP STDs x Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP pup.

Click here to visit Dusty's own page!

Mikatura's Charlie In Charge CGC

Charlie is a Mikatura's U R MI SunChyne STDc OTDs ATDd - CKC HS x Mikatura's Tuff E Nuff DNA-VP puppy!


Click here to visit Charlie's own page!

Mikatura's URMI Sunchyne OTDcs ATDd, CKC-HS



Molly x Ceilidh: 2002 puppy



It's hard to know what to say about Chyne, because I could go on and on and on!  She's Foss's best "right hand man" around the farm,

his truck buddy, bed buddy when they're away at trials, and she even helps keep his Wranglers up by letting him wear either of the two

beautiful silver belt buckles she won in 2006 and 2007 at the Three Rivers Working Australian Shepherd Association (Oregon) trials. 

Two years in a row Chyne came home with the High Combined Open Trial Champion buckle!


Click here to visit Chyne's own webpage



Mikatura's Cuttin Till Sunup DNA-CP


Cutter has participated in conformation but shines in agility and herding with her talented trainer/handler Darlene.

Cutter is a Ceilidh x Molly: 2002 puppy


Click here to visit Cutter's own webpage


Mikatura's Walkin' On Sunshine HT HCT



Molly x Ceilidh: 2002 puppy

Reno, along with his owners Ellie & Bill, participates in Agility, Tracking & Herding!


Click here to visit Reno's own webpage


CH Mikatura's Grande Prairie Skye DNA-CP


Not only is Skye beautiful, she is our first Canadian Champion & she's very talented...

Skye & her talented trainer/handler Darlene, participate in many venues.


Skye is a Molly x Dually: 2000 puppy

Shown above with Dually & Molly


Click here to visit Skye's own webpage

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